Rick Howland is a Canadian actor now based in LA who is best known for his portrayal of “Trick” in the long running hit Sci-fi series Lost Girl (5 Seasons).  Most recently Howland was the evil antagonist Mr. Hai in the feature film Captain Tsunami’s Army, the psychologist/support-desk in A Safe Guide to Dying – a Virtual Reality short film, a severed head on a shelf in Good Head, and the Weregoat Dr. Stan in the web-series The Vamps Next Door.  Howland is very proud to be a part of Canadian history, having played “Harry Buttman” in Bon Cop Bad Cop opposite Patrick Huard and Colm Feore, and played acting-icon Jayne Eastwood’s son in Endless Grind. He wrote his own stand-up routine for Club Land directed by Saul Rubinek, screenplay by Steven Webber.  Howland starred opposite rock legend Meatloaf in the feature To Catch A Yeti. Other selected performances include the series’ Killjoys, Sanctuary, Billable Hours (2 Seasons), Murdoch Mysteries and Sue Thomas F.B.Eye.

Selected theatre credits include: Much Ado About Nothing (Soul in Bliss) Veriété (Volcano), Shooting Penguins (Factory), A Short History of Night (Factory) and Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe (YPT).  He was also founder, writer and performer in The Four Strombones comedy troupe (Rivoli, Lee’s Palace, 1994 Toronto Fringe Festival and many more).

Howland co-wrote and directed the award winning short film, Underwritten, for the Toronto 48-hour film festival (also embedded below).  He directed, performed, and edited the improvised series Backseat with P & J with Sunday Muse on You Tube and in the Laugh section.

As a recording artist he has released his 3rd album, Hold My Hand, featuring “She’s a Goddess” heard in Season 4 Episode 2 of Lost Girl, album available on iTunes and in the Listen section.  Find him on IMDB. He can be followed on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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Photo taken and signed by Colm Feore during "Bon Cop Bad Cop" 2005

Photo taken and signed by Colm Feore during “Bon Cop Bad Cop” 2005

Rick as Bellocq

Rick played E.J. Bellocq in Variete, Volcano Production Jan 2004, Dir. Ross Manson

Short Tongue Freddie

Short Tongue Freddie

Individual Clips

Billable Hours (SitCom) – Head I.T. Guy from Rick Howland on Vimeo.

Sue Thomas FBEye – Sal “The Snitch” Roland from Rick Howland on Vimeo.

Murdoch Mysteries – Indignant Bulter from Rick Howland on Vimeo

Sanctuary – Galvo VS Bigfoot from Rick Howland on Vimeo.

Rick Howland as Richard III – Literary Personals

Lost Girl – The Blood King from Rick Howland on Vimeo

The League (Comedy Pilot: Head Coach) from Rick Howland on Vimeo.

Bon Cop Bad Cop – “Harry Buttman” from Rick Howland on Vimeo

To Catch A Yeti from Rick Howland on Vimeo

Backseat with P & J


In this improvised series, Sunday Muse and Rick Howland lampoon the rigors of prepubescent teenage life from the backseat of a car.

Each episode sees Precious Stemming (the slightly manic and potential victim of F.A.S. or A.D.H.D. or O.C.D. or all of the above) and Jake Goodchild (the happy go lucky kid with a hormonal imbalance due to medical intervention) riding to and from school. Think Trailer Park Boys meets Degrassi Junior High (the early years)

Season 1 introduces these two tweens as they discuss the changes they are going through and Precious’ personal issues (one that pertains to eating Dairy), tease one another, make up songs and complain about their classmate Bernie.

Season 2 continues this tradition, revealing more about their own fears and feelings. And how confidence and leverage can be found with a bag of potato chips…despite Bernie.

Season 3 focuses on the changes that happen to tweens becoming teens.


Sunday Muse is Precious Stemming Rick Howland is Jake Goodchild Nadia Bassett is Mom/The Driver Bernie Henry is Bernie/Camera Operator


Acted, co-wrote, co-directed “#InclusionRider” Movie for the 2018 EasterSeals Disability Film Challenge. 

Back Seat with P and J

 Old Headshots