Rick and Sunday’s Comedy Channel!

Drawing from their years in film, television, clown, voice over, stand up, theatre & improvisation; Sunday Muse and Rick Howland use a multitude of characters to exaggerate the ups and downs of life. The first series you will see is BACKSEAT with P & J!

Muse and Howland lampoon the rigors of prepubescent teenage life from the backseat of a car. Each episode sees Precious Stemming (the slightly manic and potential victim of F.A.S. or A.D.H.D. or O.C.D. or all of the above) and Jake Goodchild (the happy go lucky kid with a hormonal imbalance due to medical intervention) riding to and from school. Think Trailer Park Boys meets Degrassi Junior High (the early years). Stay tuned for new episodes each week!!


Sunday Muse is Precious Stemming

Rick Howland is Jake Goodchild

Nadia Bassett is Mom/The Driver

Bernie Henry is Bernie/Camera Operator

Backseat with P & J

Season 1 introduces these two tweens as they discuss the changes they are going through and Precious’ personal issues (one that pertains to eating Dairy), tease one another, make up songs and complain about their classmate Bernie.

Season 2 continues this tradition, revealing more about their own fears and feelings. And how confidence and leverage can be found with a bag of potato chips…despite Bernie.

Season 3 focuses on the changes that happen to tweens becoming teens.


The Complete Series of Backseat with P & J (by episode)