Free Times Cafe Gig

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Music Trivia with the women of Lost Girl

Zoe Palmer as a waitress in Lost Girl

Did you know if you listen really closely you can hear my song “She’s a Goddess” playing on the jukebox in the background of a Zoe Palmer scene on Lost Girl? Can you name the episode?

HINT: She’s in disguise as Amber, working as a waitress in a diner instead of being Dr. Lauren Lewis.

ANSWER: Season 4, Episode 2 (402) Sleeping Beauty School

Rick Howland performing music at the Free Times Cafe Gig

This photo was taken at the Free Times Cafe on College Street in Toronto ON.  A different actress than those pictured took this picture. Can you name the Lost Girl actress? 

HINT: It wasn’t Ksenia Solo. 

ANSWER: Emmanuelle Vaugier 

Rachel Skarsten and Anna Silk laying on the grass wearing Lost Girl Rewatch merchandise.

Did you know the theme song for the Lost Girl Rewatch Podcast is my song? Can you name the song?  I was honoured when Rachel Skarsten and Anna Silk asked me to use it.

HINT: It’s something you do when you want to show someone that you like them, especially when walking.

ANSWER: Hold My Hand

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