Backseat with P & J

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Sunday Muse and Rick Howland as P & J on youtube Backseat with P and J

Rick and Sunday’s Comedy Channel on YouTube:

Drawing from their years in film, television, clown, voice over, stand up, theatre & improvisation, Sunday Muse and Rick Howland use a multitude of characters to exaggerate the ups and downs of life.

BACKSEAT with P & J!
Muse and Howland lampoon the rigors of prepubescent teenage life from the backseat of a car.
Each episode sees Precious Stemming (the slightly manic and potential victim of F.A.S. or A.D.H.D. or O.C.D. or all of the above) and Jake Goodchild (the happy go lucky kid with a hormonal imbalance) riding to and from school. Think Trailer Park Boys meets Degrassi Junior High (the early years)
Stay tuned for new episodes each week!!



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August 5, 2014