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Rick (Richard) Howland is a Canadian actor who is best known for his portrayal of Trick in the hit Sci-fi television series, Lost Girl (2009 to 2014) on Showcase and SyFy Network. Over the five seasons he appeared in 72 of the 77 episodes. During that time he also starred in an episode of the popular Sci-Fi series Sanctuary. He has been interrogated three times by Yannick Bisson; once as Miles Gorman in Murdoch Mysteries, as Saul Roland in Sue Thomas F.B.Eye and as Kenny in Crazy For Christmas. Howland is very proud to be a part of Canadian history, having played the Commissioner of the Hockey League, Harry Buttman, in the blockbuster feature film Bon Cop Bad Cop opposite Patrick Huard and Colm Feore.(Pictured Above) He also played the son of Canadian icon Jayne Eastwood in Endless Grind. A turn on the improvised show Train 48 and a recurring role as the Computer Tech, Keach, on Billable Hours tapped into to his comedic roots. He began with improvisation and an excellent acting teacher, winning regional gold medals two years consecutively at the Improv Olympics. In 1990, Howland formed the comedy troupe The Four Strombones. They performed in comedy clubs around Toronto (Yuk Yuk’s Sketch Pad, Big City Improv, Lee’s Palace, the Rivoli and more) for well over a decade. The Four Strombones created an audience choice Toronto Fringe Festival show in 1994, In Transit: 40 minutes after midnight. His first professional role was in the feature film To Catch A Yeti opposite Meat Loaf. Howland has hosted comedy shows and wrote his own stand-up routine for Club Land directed by Saul Rubinek, screenplay by Steven Webber. He co-wrote and directed the award winning short film Underwritten for the Toronto 48-hour film festival. (Embedded Below)

Currently, he is starring in, directing and producing Rick and Sunday’s Comedy Channel on YouTube. Laugh

Musically, Howland has been songwriting for almost 30 years. His third and latest EP Hold My Hand was masterfully produced by Graham Ward, featuring She’s a Goddess in season 4 episode 2 of Lost Girl. His albums are available worldwide on his website, iTunes and Rdio. Listen

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Photo taken and signed by Colm Feore during "Bon Cop Bad Cop" 2005

Photo taken and signed by Colm Feore during “Bon Cop Bad Cop” 2005

Rick played E.J. Bellocq in Variete, Volcano Production Jan 2004, Dir. Ross Manson

Rick played E.J. Bellocq in Variete, Volcano Production Jan 2004, Dir. Ross Manson

Improv Olympics

Ah, high school.  Thanks to a couple of guys from Ottawa who came to study at Queen’s, our drama club started an Improv team.  We competed and got to Ottawa 2 years in a row.  The first year we had team jackets.  The second year we had to win the eastern regionals in Brockville before getting to compete with the Ottawa teams. (Picture Above Right) We did well in Ottawa but we never won big.  However, the trophy we did win still resides outside of the auditorium at KCVI in downtown Kingston – its the biggest one in the case.

The Four Strombones

Founded by Rick Howland and named by Paulino Nunes “The Four Stombones” comedy troupe flourished from 1989 to 2009. Beginning at York University’s Open End Pub, running amock through out the comedy clubs of Toronto for two decades, and one extremely successful Fringe Show (Pictured Above) the troupe finally disbanded. “No mates grip could hold the lines of a ship crashing against rocky shores.” – Captain More Frankness, as he lept from the Santa De Kahlo’s bridge at the first sign of trouble.

Three Penny Players

Immediately following high school, three friends formed the Three Penny Players and took over the Domino Theatre in Kingston Ontario on Monday Nights.  It was a fun summer job that didn’t pay at all, but the handfuls of people that came laughed, and laughed well.  It was a purely improvisational night, transporting the audience and transforming the players for a few hours to the audience suggested scenarios.

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